Bell Pepper & Mushroom Stir-Fry – Some Cooking!!!

Bell Pepper & Mushroom Stir-Fry – Some Cooking!!!

Tok Tok…Tok Tok…Anyone there? Hellooooo! Anyone still lurking??

Well, its like coming back to my own house, that I abandoned for several years…because, life had handed me a very big mansion of experiences in exchange of this lil hut, where I saved some sweet memoirs!

Yep…I couldn’t stray away too long as a familiar sense of “its mine” dragged me back to blogging. :) Oh yes, ever since the fella Chetan Bhagat started publishing his crappy work…I ventured out to try luck out there, too! But, I couldn’t compete with that guy!! Anyway!!!

On a very bad day, I happen to google my own name and luckily…landed on my very own stupid blog! There you go…and, it made me to want to blog more and show off my true colors. Thus, back to square one!!!

And, you know what? You all don’t know…how much money I have saved in this past decade by being my own shrink. :) I mean, blogging helped me to get rid of the deep blues in my life. :)

So, there you go…one more recipe from my kitchen to yours. Enjoy. :) Yeah, just enjoy…don’t complain, okay!!

Cook's Delight3

Ingredients & Method

Nothing much…two large bell peppers, 1 bag of button mushrooms. Two cloves garlic, minced. two red chilies, sliced. Salt, a tsp of soy sauce, a tsp of pepper powder and to drizzle some olive oil. There you go, its that’s simple. Slice the veggies and saute in a large wok with above mentioned ingredients. Once they wilt and lose some moisture, speeden up the process…cook over high heat and turn off the stove. Its done. :)


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