Foodie’s Bucket List – 2015

Foodie’s Bucket List – 2015

I usually don’t do New Year resolutions, but when I do…I make sure that the goals are set easy to accomplish. :) My foodie bucket list is a cool collection of fun things that I would like to try this year.


Foodie’s Choice – Ultimate Must Do List

  • Cook an elaborate meal to my significant other and surprise him! I dunno what’s going on in my nurturing gene…I just happen to love to slave around and spend time to see a beautiful smile on the diner’s face.
  • Want to go to Mexico…I have a huge thing for this place. Have a paper work in my cold box…need to shape up that article. Well, its culinary anthropology…so I can’t reveal the material’s detail now. Highly confidential.
  • Go to wild berry picking. Its risky but quite very thrilling. Be aware, you got to know which is edible and which is not!
  • Try to get a country hen’s egg from the barn and drink it up right away. Hmmmm, there would be little guilt involved! But, anyway…got to try this!
  • Love to tend the tender greens in the backyard. If its amaranthus…that would make me a very happy person.
  • Create a herb garden. Dill, chives, basil, lemon grass, mint, cilantro. Boy, I just can’t imagine the way its gonna mesmerize me. :)
  • Need to take a culinary mission to India. And, bring all the booty back.
  • I lost my granite mortar and pestle while moving from Wallace to Oak Ridge. So, I need to purchase one soon!
  • Cup the fresh tomatoes in my palm…while it is still held in the plant and smell it, right there along with cold breeze (early morning). I am yearning for this beautiful feel for a very long time.  Also, I would never-ever allow anyone to pluck it. So, stay out buddies.
  • Plant some fruit bearing trees. Hmmm, waiting for the spring season to show up soon.
  • Pluck a raw green mango from your neighbour’s garden (of course, this can happen only in India). Crush it using a rock, from around. And, dust it with salt and chili powder! Ever done it? It’s a must try taste.
  • Pull out the peanuts from ground, wash it down in near by brook. Now, take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the earthy bunch. Then, boil it until tender and bring your friends around. Crack open the pods and enjoy the salty broth first and go for the nuts next. You get my drift, right?
  • I hate to run the knife through fruits…so, I really need to educate everyone around me to enjoy the fruits whole. Now don’t act smart and ask me whether I would eat it the same way even if it is a pineapple, pomegranate & jack fruit! Oh come on.
  • Wanna put my hands on fresh honey comb and try it! I bet its gonna be a wonderful experience.
  • I have a fishing licence of North Carolina. But, its been a while I went fishing though! If I find a like-minded buddy…it would be fun to carry out this sport! I almost forgot what bait goes to what kind of fish. Need to brush up my memory!
  • Catch a fish from your house pond. And grill it right away! Its fresh and crisp…with tiny bit of guilt! That is what beauty about it…you wouldn’t be greedy to seive away your pond and will also be a rational eater.
  • Ever, enjoyed curing up the sea food. Its nasty, its stinks…its also fun! Terrific contentment to do all the filthy job. Or at least the karma belongs to me…I kill it, I eat it. How about that!
  • Last but not least…shed few pounds on the go! Though not to myself…to make my jealous girl friend say that I look alright! I think, its every girl’s dream. :)





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