A Fruit Pizza – To The Apple Of My Eye

A Fruit Pizza – To The Apple Of My Eye

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                              Love is fruit in season at all times – Mother Theresa 

Cooking with fruits – rarely happens in an Indian kitchen! It’s so deeply ingrained that, eating fruits fresh and in a raw form is so good. In fact, my mother trained me to even avoid cutting certain fruits before relishing! (And, now smarty pants…don’t ask me, whether I even eat Jack fruit and Pineapple without slicing them). So, on the other day…out of sheer blue, when my little one asked me A Fruit Pizza! I was taken a step back, “No…I don’t want to put fruits in the pizza”, with partial exception to Pineapples and Tomatoes, though! However, with absolutely no-clue…we headed to a nearby Pizzeria and ordered a Regular Pizza with more Pineapples in it, thinking that’s what she wanted! As you might have already guessed, “Yeah, she hated it”! Later, when I googled…I came to know that, A Fruit Pizza…is a different kind! its much like a Dessert Pizza, which doesn’t force you to cook fruits or anything, nor does it calls for the regular dough! Wow! Now, doesn’t that sound something – nice. :) The recipes, I read were quite interesting too! All we need is some cookie dough, (which I made myself)and frost it with some cream cheese and top them with your choice of fruits. Voila. :) That’s it. Doesn’t it exciting? What’s more rewarding is…she loved it. :) :) So, here is my recipe for you all to try. 

Ingredients Food Pictures - 20173

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 stick butter
  • cream cheese
  • your choice of fruits


Prepare a smooth dough using all the above mentioned ingredients (except cheese and fruits). Now, you can simply avoid this step altogether and opt for a store-bought cookie dough. Alright, then…flatten this cookie dough into a thick pizza and bake it for about 20 minutes in 350 º F. Once the cookie is ready, put some cream cheese on it and top it with cut fruits. Voila, The Fruit Pizza is ready. Enjoy. :) Happy Cooking. :)


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