Grilled Quails – Tandoored Quails/ Kaadai Tandoori

Grilled Quails – Tandoored Quails/ Kaadai Tandoori

Tandoored Quails:


Spices to be Toasted & Powdered:

Coriander seeds
Tymol seeds

Use only a pinch of above spice blend.

Other Ingredients:

Black Salt
Regular Salt
Chili powder
Kashmiri chili powder
Red food color
Lemon juice
Yogurts (hung)
Ginger-garlic paste
Onion paste
Mint paste
Few cubes of butter/ghee for basting
Chaat masala to garnish.

About 1-2 spoons of above ingredients (ratio? you must decide).


Marinate the quails with plain salt, lemon juice and chili powder for about a hour.

Then followed by all the above mentioned items, except ghee.

Maybe for couple of hours will do!

Now, smear them with ghee and grill them till crisp on the outside.

If you prefer to do it in the oven, bake them for 30 minutes over 350 degrees and and broil them briefly for 2 minutes, often changing its position!



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  1. AshKuku says:

    WOW!!! Dreadfully luscious… Enticing pics….. the leggies is getting me week in my knee ;)


  2. Priya says:

    Tempting quail kadai, never prepared quail yet at home..looks terribly delicious..

  3. An Open Book says:

    wow that looks awesome, never had quail meat..

  4. Nitha says:

    Really tempting and mouthwatering.. Love this..

  5. Ana Powell says:

    Nicely toasted and very crispy ♥

  6. Rach says:

    I have always done kadai fry. Tandoori kadai is very interesting, will try it out sometime :)

  7. Looks so yum, nice recipe..

  8. Though I have never had quails ….but this looks very tempting

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. jais says:

    wow looks yummy dear

  10. jais says:

    wow looks yummy dear

  11. Suhaina says:

    Really amazed. u are such an expert… Really appreciate it.. well done..

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