Jam Cookies – Yummies

Jam Cookies – Yummies

I do not fix the food that do not crave. Does that make any sense? Even though, I say…I made these yummies for you. The hidden reason behind every single dish is…I super crave them. Sometimes, I do make an effort to put forth certain food that I do not crave necessarily…it has even better reasons for it! Which is…I want to just click some good food pictures or I was seriously looking for a method to get rid of the stuff! So, now this particular recipe falls under which category? You keep guessing…while, I am off to the recipe.

May 20169


  • 4-7 slices of white bread
  • 1 cup fresh strawberry jam


Trim the bread and baste them with strawberry jam. Then, stack one or two bread slices over it. Depending on how well you could later roll them up. So, now…roll them up carefully. Later, slice them into thin pinwheels, cover and chill for a while. Serve up as an evening snack to go with your tea.


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