Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen Safety Tips

Many of us would like to call ‘The Kitchen‘ as our safe haven. But, in reality…it could be one the most dangerous room in the house! Or at least to me. :( A countless times, I have been the victim of broken glasses, hot oil spills, boiling water scalds, major fire accidents, knives, can opener, sharp utensils…you name it, I have experienced it. :( And, all these mistakes had made me lil bit wise…and forced me to learn some tricks to avoid major damage in the future. Hmmmm, knowledge and mindfulness are the secrets to kitchen safety. :) Trust me.

Though we all claim to have a modern sophisticated kitchen and various high-end appliances and gadgets…yet, even a simple task could result in a devastating injury. Personally, I am prone to accidents, whenever I have many members in my house! Or is it some kind of wild coincidence? I don’t know! But…you see, I work well…when I am left alone without any people around me to nag. :) A constant distraction is my problem. Now, I know my weakness and kind of pre-process few stuff much before I welcome people into my immaculate abode.

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Kitchen Safety Tips

  • Have a first aid kit in one of your kitchen cabinets. Very handy. Have at least one anti-biotic cream, few band aids, anti-septic lotions, cotton balls and alcohol swaps should work. 
  • Have at least one fire-extinguisher in your kitchen. Place them somewhere very handy. Remember the place, where you stored it. Additionally learn to operate it. Test it once in a blue moon. Replace if necessary.
  • Get a chef’s apron and make a point of wearing it…whenever you intend to cook.

To Avoid Cuts

  • Knives are the most dangerous tools in the kitchen. Never leave them on the counter top. As soon as you are done with it (chopping / washing) dry them up and store them in the separate drawer (divided box should serve the purpose). Never load them up in the sink along with other utensils. Never pile them up with other stuff in the drawer as well.
  • After done with can opening, trash the lid securely (well-covered) to avoid injury.
  • Do not postpone to clean up the broken glass. After done with regular broom and dust pan…Use vacuum cleaner for thorough clean. Also finish it up with damp cloth for the tiny pieces of glasses.

To Avoid Burns 

  • Use kitchen safety mitts and dish towels regularly. Wear a apron. A strong tongs or ebonite handles should be handy.
  • Boiling water or hot oil…try to hold them away from you. Cover them up or put them on low heat to avoid steam / burns.
  • Never, ever leave the kitchen unattended…while something is on the stove. (Even if it has plenty of water and you have to excuse yourself for only few seconds…Absolute ‘No’).
  • And to avoid accidental tripping…always immediately clean up the water spilling on the floor. Never ignore these little things.
  • Do not wear loose garment, long sleeves, nylon material (clothes). Needless to say, you got to tie up you long hair too.
  • Try to wear a shoe instead of slip-on. It much better in many ways. If you have ever slipped a knife, experienced hot oil spilling? You may better know, what am talking about.
  • Just in case, if you suffer a burn…rinse your hand in cold water and let the injured area be in cold water for several minutes. It may prevent a deep wound.

To Avoid Tripping 

  • Its better to leave the kitchen simple than mushrooming it up with number of furniture and gadgets. After all you are not going to use many of it. Yeah, honestly…we know, you won’t.
  • Wipe up the spills immediately. Its never the same…only a puddle of water you may think. Its serious. We have experienced it. Very recently, I tripped over a pile of water…directly onto my open dishwasher (which had many knives and other sharp objects). Just image.
  • If you are planning to climb to reach the high cabinets. Use a professional stepper / ladder. Do not use your kitchen furniture / chair for this purpose. Better listen up. Its important.

To Avoid Electric Shocks 

  • Place your gadgets in the cabinets when done with it. Always secure their cords. Do not leave them hanging near the sink. Never unplug or plug your appliances with wet-hand.

To Avoid Poisoning 

  • Always store your cleaning products in a separate cabinet. I usually pug them under the sink. Its better to lock it up.

Child Safety 

  • Never try to get stuff, when you are carry the baby in your arms or in a sling. Needless to say, forget your cooking…if you have a kid around. Toddlers should never be left alone without supervision in the kitchen. Use child safety gates, plug covers, locks to prevent any mishaps.

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