Raagi Malt – Home Made Health Drink

Raagi Malt – Home Made Health Drink

Raagi Malt:

Malted Finger-Millet health drink. Kezhvaragu Kanjji. Kezhvarugu Paal. Ragi Malt.


Finger-millet 1 cup(sprouted)
Almonds 10
Cashew nuts 10
Cardamon seeds alone 1-2 spoons
Saffron strands 1 spoon/any food color(Mommy used orange)
Farm fresh milk 1-2 cups.

Mommy’s Directions for Making Raagi Malt

Sprouts: Wash and clean finger-millet. Throw away the excess water. Spread them in a clean bowl, with very little moisture. Cover them up with muslin cloth. You can observe fine sprouts after 2-3 days. Do not over do it, the water may turn musky.

Now again spread this sprouted millet in a clean sheet/cloth and sun-dry them for 2 whole hours(in South India…its always summer).

Then dry toast them in a wok/oven for few minutes. Just to get rid of that remaining moisture. Blend them into fine powder along with other ingredients mentioned above(except sugar and milk). Store them in an air-tight container.

My Method:

Carefully pack Mommy’s hard work into a zip lock bag. Securely bring them in check-in baggage. Empty them in a clean and dry tupper ware.:)

Boil 1-2 cups of farm-fresh milk and mix 1-2 teaspoons of health mix powder(made above). Bring this to boil. Filter the same, add enough sugar.

Serve warm and accept the kudos:):)


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  1. Pavithra says:

    wow .. yummy kanji ..never added cashew and badam .One of the easiest and healthiest breakfasts.

  2. sangi says:

    Wow!wat a healthy,rich&delicious drink!
    Great 4 kids…tnx 4 sharing

  3. Thats such a healthy and a yummy drink!!! Have a nice weekend Malar:)

  4. Swathi says:


    Ragi Malt looks really yummy and delicious. I need to try it

  5. Leena says:

    Hi Malar, Thanks!!! for visiting my blog,keep visiting.Your site is fabulous, got nice selection of recipes!i have added to my bloglist.Ragi malt… my mother used to make really when i see this i remembered my mothers…

  6. simply.food says:

    Interesting never made this before.

  7. Latha says:

    Loved your version of the malt!!!

  8. meeso says:

    My mom use to love to make healthy meal drinks… she would love this!

  9. shahana says:

    perfect for kids as well as elderly

  10. yummy and healthy drink,and the way u make it is the same i do always for all homemade powders.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the laugh “My Method”: Carefully pack Mommy’s hard work into a zip lock bag…

    Too funny! You are just as “bad” as I am!


  12. Dear malar
    I have never eaten any thing made out of ragi…may be will start with this one ..
    have a nice weekend

  13. This is new to me! Sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing your mum’s tips!

  14. Pavithra says:

    I love ragi malt. but never made at home..only store bought powder. will try this …

  15. Superchef says:

    thats what i call a power breakfast!

  16. i loved the way you have described mom’s work and how easily we could put them into use..that looks reaLLY healthy and delicious..

  17. Sashi says:

    Used to have raggi drink at my grannys’ place but a little different one from urs. Healthy !!

  18. One of my aunt used to have this drink…seems really healthy

  19. This is one of my favorite….

    Healthy drink :-)

  20. Ms.Chitchat says:

    Love this kanji. Ragi is very healthy too.

  21. Never tried before but this one looks very healthy, should try one day….

  22. AshKuku says:

    That is EXOTIC!!!!! I would love to try this…. Very tempting & rejuvenating for sure…… I had a friend at work who got this for a casual morning drink……


  23. Tina says:

    Wow…what a healthy and delicious drink dear…

  24. Neetz says:

    woww..simple and delicious and i bet it would be a complete morning drink :) ..thanks for sharing :)

  25. Your post reminds me of my amma’s kaimanam:) Nice post dear. Tempting picture….Want to put a straw in my monitor now….hi..hi.

  26. Malar, although all ingredients sound quite new to me, but the home made one always the best. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Gita says:

    Very sweet dear…I loved your method :) Sprouted ragi kanji is so healthy and yummy too…I too make a similar porridge like this sometimes for breakfast :)

  28. Peanutts says:

    Wow , new recipe for me :) , very healthy too,

  29. hahahah loved ” your” method particularly, such a difficult method I should say, hahahaha

    raagi kanjee , I used to bring this powder from India too, when my kids were small, each time, we’re loaded with this or health mix powders!!!!

    nice filling and energetic one for breakfast , that’s sure!!!!

    super shakthi ki tharan ragimalt-ova ke saath, LOL

  30. Malar Gandhi says:

    Thank you so much, friends.:)

  31. love the last part Malar(hee hee), just like me.. Addings almonds, cardamon is new to me…

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