Red Rosette Cake – A Beautiful Disaster

Red Rosette Cake – A Beautiful Disaster

Red Rose Cake

Cooking with a toddler is a wonderful experience by itself. If he or she happens to share your passion, then…it’s even better. :) If you haven’t tried cooking with your children, yet…maybe you should consider it! However…it has its own drawbacks…only because, it won’t be as you planned. Lol. :)  And, well…its really not about the outcome, (you know) but the entire experience! Get the picture?? If you stay little bit cool and take everything light…I bet, its gonna be fun. :)

So, any guesses?? Yes, this Red Rosette Cake is my little one’s creation. :) A Beautiful Disaster in my opinion. I taught her…how to swirl a lower case letter “a” like a Tiny Rose on a butter paper. She did her best. Only thing is…it turned out like a bunch of Hibiscus. Lol :) However, we loved it. :) :)

To me – It’s very hard to believe…how much heart and soul a three year old could put forth for a near-perfect cake! Boy, I still lack this ability in all my work! Anyway, its like a Masterpiece…to me, as a mother. :)

So, here is her work.

Little Tara Bakes 

  • Break three eggs…never mind, if Mom keeps yelling about the shells!
  • Add oil, (measured by Mommy)…more generous, more nice!
  • Add water (measured by Mommy)
  • Mix mix mix….Be Happy…Mix mix mix. :)  
  • Add powdered flour and other ingredients (measured by Mommy, again)
  • Mix mix mix – Be Happy – Mix mix mix. :)  

Allow Mommy to transfer the contents to a baking dish.

  • Help Mom…by bringing gloves, mitt etc.
  • Help in popping the dish into the oven.
  • Push button – “Start” on the pre-set oven.


  • Check – now and then on the cake.

Allow Mommy to take the cake out and cool it on the counter.

  • Come up with an icing plan.
  • Listen to Mommy for couple of minutes – all about how to squeeze the icing and all. Then, do your business, totally your way. :) :) Feel Good about it. :)  
  • Then, you know…Hooray. The cake is ready.
  • Help Mommy to take some quick pictures. Now…time to dig in. :) Enjoy. :) :)

Happy Baking Everyone.


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