North Indian Thali – Weekend Specials

North Indian Thali – Weekend Specials

June 2017 Camera6

Full course meal is often neglected in our busy weekdays cooking. No one has time nor energy to prepare a complete five course meal! And, if you’re on zero-carb, no-meat diet (like my hubby) your entire course has to be prepared with soy protein and vegetables! And, that’s too much of chopping and mincing! So, automatically…the drive to cook, goes for a toss!! However, I decided to give this challenge…a full attention! Just to get the experience of cooking our almost-gone food tradition. I think…a structured menu and clean round-ups will make it lot easier to stick to the plan! And, most certainly…it would bring bliss in every diner’s face. :) Now, who can deny that. So, here you go…my take on North Indian Thali (loosely described). Well, I promise, next time…I would do a committed improvement on the Regional specialties. Until, then…enjoy this. :)

June 2017 Camera2



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