Seeraga Kanji – Therapeutic Meal

Seeraga Kanji – Therapeutic Meal

The historic winter snow-storm is over…but we are stuck with ice. :( This pretty little town, looks so abandoned and filled with ice, ice and more ice…until my eyes could reach (yes, just like the way Wordsworth described those daffodils).  Hmmm…I have been hibernating for the past whole week, due to this bad weather! I can hear someone asking ‘Otherwise?’ Well…I do live in total confinement, that’s a different story!! Anyways…it looks like, I dozed off last winter and woke up during the middle of (imaginary) ice-ages! For a moment, I was wondering weather whether I slept through all these years or what? Or is it something that I drank on the other day??


  • 1 cup broken rice
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds
  • salt to taste
  • 1-2 cups sour butter milk
  • pickle to serve with


Cook rice along with salt plus cumin seeds until mushy. Add plenty of water to it and continue to boil. Do not throw away the water. Remove from heat and add buttermilk to the same. Serve warm along with mango or lemon pickle.

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