Two Idies & Bucket Sambar !!!

Two Idies & Bucket Sambar !!!

Also known as: Madras Ratna Cafe Idly-Sambar, Vellore Palace Cafe Idly-Sambar, tiffin: idly-sambar

Two Idlies and Bucket Sambar. Hotel Style Idly Sambar. Tamil Nadu Idly-Sambhar. Restaurant Special Idly Sambar.

After a long break, I am finally back to Oxford! I have traveled a lot this year, besides have been shuttling back and forth from Mississippi to Tennessee for the last couple of months. Oh man, I can’t take anymore trip…I am sick as a dog. Wish, I could lie down…without moving a finger. Anyhow, need to focus on something though!

Well, coming on to my today’s recipe…nothing fancy, but a very classy Tamil dish. Yes, quintessential breakfast to every Tamil family. Though, this particular combination is very close to my heart…I have never attempted to prepare it, here at Oxford. Hmmm, mainly because of lack of all the essential ingredients. Its never the same! Whenever a particular ethnic dish is taken out of its territory…it undergoes a series of change. Clearly, I feel terroir (taste of a place) plays an important role in enhancing the flavor and emotions associated with it.

As I was browsing through my older files…I came across at these pictures. I had prepared this for my folks, last year…when I visited India:) Indeed, a virtual treat to my sore eyes:)


Idly / Idlies

Vellore Palace Cafe Sambar / Madras Rathna Cafe Sambar

India Food142



8 Responses so far.

  1. sangee vijay says:

    Dear Malar
    Welcome Back,after very long time am happy to see you thru your yummy recipe :) take rest and take care of yourself…recipe sounds so yumm n thanx for sharing!!!

  2. Malar Gandhi says:

    Dear Sangee, that was super quick, always amazed at your speed…thanks:)

  3. Raji says:

    Hi Malar, these idlis and sambaar is indeed a virtual treat.These sure make for a wonderful breakfast treat. Good to see u back as well.

  4. divya says:

    Wow..this is a wonderful recipe..very yum looking.

  5. maxo says:

    Nice to see authentic Tamil receipes from your end – as always ;-)

  6. Priya says:

    Super delicious sambar idli,i can survive for many days with it,glad to see u back after a long.

  7. Pradeep says:

    Interesting! Being from Vellore, I’ve been a fan of the Palace cafe idli/sambar. Felt nice to be reminded of the place, now that I hardly have any ties with Vellore.


    • Malar Gandhi says:

      Hello Pradeep,

      I am a die-hard fan of Palace cafe sambar too. Its pretty much the same, at my end too. I grew up in that little town…now just left with only some sweet memories to cherish!!!

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