Vegetable Masal Dosa – Thinking New!

Vegetable Masal Dosa – Thinking New!

If you are wondering what I had for dinner?…’Veg Masal Dosa’ it is:)

Its surprising how I keep thinking of all my online friends! Oh yeah, I miss them…when there is no update:( Though only connected through the web, few of them are really trust worthy, concrete and fun to e-communicate with. Fortunately, I am exposed to variety of friends through my social networking sites….some are hilarious, they make my day great; some are super-smarts, just adore them; some I acknowledge; some I cherish….the list goes on. Honestly, I find it more comforting to talk about my issues on the forums than with my blood-relatives! I feel great at the end of the day:)

So, the thing is…now, bunch of my relatives plus local buddies are pretty mad at me, as I keep quoting about my blog friends n face book friends all the time!! Its hard for them to take the fact, that I value them a lot! Its even harder for me to explain, how some people whom I never met, influence my life & know me better than someone who lives closeby:) Anyway…I just wanna say that, am happy to scrap my blog n feel very warm when you read them. Guys, you are making my life better, thank you:)

Ingredients & Method

Coming to the recipe, I didn’t do anything fancy today…just used the ‘Veg Masala’ as a topping to the is ‘Dosa’ :)

Mississippi Cooking


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  1. that is just amazing.. so perfect looking malasa dosa

  2. Mahi says:

    :) என்னாச்சு மலர்?! :)

    தோசை கலர்ஃபுல்லா இருக்கு!

  3. Maayeka says:

    Perfect and crisp dosa..filling looks so colourful and delicious..

  4. Priya says:

    Seriously cant take my eyes from ur irresistible click,super tempting dosa.

  5. Hello dear..owh I somehow missed this site! Kept checking on your former!

    Masala thosai…delicious! :)

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