Cauliflower Masala Dosa – Fiber Rich Alternate!

Cauliflower Masala Dosa – Fiber Rich Alternate!

Cauliflower Masala Dosai:


Dosa batter
Oil few spoons.

For The Filling:

Cauliflower cut into small florets
Green chilies 3 chopped
Ginger 1″ minced
Garlic 1 clove minced
Onion 1 large chopped
Chili powder 1 teaspoon
Cilantro leaves few
Oil few spoons
Coriander seeds 4-7
Cumin seeds 1/4 spoon.


In a wide wok, heat oil. Add the tempering spices followed by chilies, ginger-garlic and onions. Fry real good.

Further add salt, turmeric and chili powders. Then add cauliflower florets, cover and cook for 7-9 minutes or until tender.

Remove the lid and stir-fry over high till aromatic, garnish with cilantro leaves.
Use this as a filling for masala dosa.

Just fiber rich alteration:)


10 Responses so far.

  1. Raji says:

    Wonderful dosa…really yum cauliflower stuffing.

  2. sangee vijay says:

    My favorite roast…looks so crispy n tempting…

  3. Now Serving says:

    Hi Malar dear – the dosai and the filling are eye candy :0 YUMMY!

  4. Biny Anoop says:

    wow dear…love the idea malar nice for a change

  5. divya says:

    Just drooling over that delicious cauliflower dosa,simply inviting..

  6. Priya says:

    Cauliflower masala dosa tempts me a hungry now..

  7. Chitra says:

    I had never tried this. Will try :)

  8. nice variation from the usual potato masala dosa

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