Chili Parotta – Delightful Dinner:)

Chili Parotta – Delightful Dinner:)

Chili Parotta:(Restaurant Style)

As I told you all before’ Indo-Chinese is a new style’ branching out of Indian cuisine. It could not be found in China, Burma or Malaysia…nowhere else, except India.:) This could be whipped in few minutes using only 4 main Chinese ingredients…the soy sauce, chili sauce, MSG(or Ajino motto) and green onions. Prepared to suit the needs of highly evolved palate…for hot and spicy food’ of course:)

Parotta – layered Indian flat Bread; Kothu Parotta – Interesting Street Food.

Now imagine, the Parotta + Kothu Parotta concept’ being fused with Chinese ingredients = Chili Parotta was thus born:):)

Here you go, enjoy this delicacy and write to me.


Parotta – 2-4 torn into pieces
Bell pepper 1 large diced
Onion 1 large cubed
Garlic 4-7 cloves – chopped finely
Green chilies 2 finely chopped
MSG 1 pinch – optional
Soy sauce few spoons
Chili sauce – as per taste
Tomato ketchup – few spoons
Green onions – 4 finely chopped to garnish
Sesame oil few spoons.


Heat a large wok, add oil. Throw in chilies, garlic, onions and followed by all the sauces and ketchup. Fry real good.

Now add the parotta pieces and capsicum…fry over high heat for few minutes and remove from heat.

Garnish them with green onions. Serve warm as dinner.


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  1. Geetha Achal says:

    Chili parotta looks so tempting….

  2. This is one of my favorite….
    looks delicious dear :-)

  3. divya says:

    oh wow, that is really a healthy and colorful looking chilli parotta. Nicely done.great idea dear…

  4. nivedita says:

    Hi Malar,
    Making me feel hungry! I love this preparation very much.
    I make Indian style(already posted in my blog), I should try this version too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is one of my fav too but i have not tried it in chinese style till now…looks yummy malar

  6. chilli parrota looks so yum.

  7. This is my fav. Looks delicious!!! YUM!!!

  8. Malaru,,ipdi parotta va kanla kaati ennai ipdi echil oora vedrangalae,,enakku pasikkuthu ippave saapdanum poela irukku,,Nalla colourful ah irukku pa.

  9. Swathi says:


    I used to make chili parotta with frozen ones. I need to try with fresh one.

  10. Uma says:

    this is awesome Malar! i love spicy indo chinese.. this one is new for me :)

  11. Sailaja says:

    Malar, Looks great and mouth watering…

  12. Lovely color and looks so yummy dear…

  13. says:

    What a lovely concept I like this idea I am going to try with left over rotis.

  14. Cham says:

    Delicious, i ve tasted in resta. Looks perfect!

  15. Sayali says:

    Hey dear malar nice one again

  16. chili parotha looks perfect… one of our fav dish… looks nice

  17. Malar, that is such an excellent idea to add paratha to the chilli recipe. Lovely, tempting pic :)

  18. sharada says:

    love them…yummy.Always had the frozen one.
    Thanks for the warm wishes.

  19. Suman Singh says:

    WOW…very this recipe…very easy yet tastes good…will try out this soon..thanks for shraing this!

  20. Looks yum!Make it with frozen parotas most of the time.A great crowd pleaser!

  21. I too came across tis recently at a local southie restaurant here…they call it kothu roti..think it is malay or lankan origin..not sure.

  22. asiya omar says:

    looks colourful and are welcome to collect loving queen award from my blog.

  23. Nitha says:

    Looks perfect.. One of my favorites…

  24. suma says:

    tongue tickling dish Malar!!

  25. My favouriteee. You are pushing me to prepare this :)

  26. Priya says:

    I can have this beautiful dish anytime….makes me hungry..

  27. Soma Pradhan says:

    I got to make this out soon for my tiffin..This looks yummy and very easy…

  28. Jaya says:

    looks so delicious Malar, and nice way to use uo any left-over parathas :) ..
    hugs and smiles

  29. BeenaShylesh says:

    healthy and delisious spicy parathas for dinner…

  30. Rina says:

    Sounds perfect to me..

  31. Wow,Lovely,new recipe to me.Looks hot and spicy and mouthwatering.

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