Death By Chocolate – Sinfully Yours

Death By Chocolate – Sinfully Yours

Apl 2017 - Cam

My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start! So far, today…I finished two bags of chocolates, a full cake and a tub of ice cream!! I already, feel so much better. :)

Oh yeah, when it comes to chocolate…we girls go weak on our knees! And, I am no different! Well, I am on this 12-chocoholic program: Where, I am never 12 steps away from the chocolate source! Yes, I am going to admit it in the public today…that “I am an addict”, and I will Not give up on chocolate Ever. In my opinion…just whip-up anything and add a dash of chocolate, it turns out great without your intention!

I have this strange hypothesis that chocolate slows down one’s aging process…hmmm, it may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?”  Oh yes, by all means. I believe,  Chocolate – is the one thing that never let me down. :)



Tower them up craft-fully in your own style, alright. And, you know what to do next, right?

Note: Hey guys, one thing here, I made that chocolate cake and ice cream all by myself. Check out those links! If you wanna use store-bought items, that’s a good idea too. :)


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