Home Made Yogurt / Dahi Preparation

Home Made Yogurt / Dahi Preparation


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Don’t get me wrong that I have gone completely insane with today’s proud recipe ‘Dahi Preparation’! I am certainly aware of the fact that everyone knows ‘how to prepare a perfect yogurt’ at home. Then, why a recipe? Oh, its not for you guys, today…its for me:) A complete learning process:)

The day I moved out of my house (to various hostels and paying guest accommodations)…I always craved for one thing! That special homemade ‘curd/yogurts’! Mommy makes the best! Many of my relatives kept complimenting my mother’s skills in curd preparation. Considering the amount of simplicity involved in that recipe, I always unappreciated her. But all until, a bunch of failures in fixing the same from my end:(

Ooops, the first time…myself and my roomie(a dahi fanatic) decided to make our own yogurts in the hostel. We shopped all round the city (Delhi) and finally settled for a particular brand milk and a small tub of yogurts. Later that night, when all the hostelittes were asleep, we sneakingly boiled the milk and waited until the point, it was just warm enough and added enough yogurts to set it! Every few hours, we checked n checked…but it never budged…the days went by, but it wasn’t even close to yogurts:( We blamed the weather, we blamed the brand and we blamed the hostel(as usual). And, after a significant number of failures (yes, we were brave enough to give it an another shot, the each time)…we both gave up on ‘yogurts making’ completely!

Vrooooooom………..coming to U.S., I never-ever, thought of making ‘yogurts’ on my own. For one thing…I hardly crave for it! Secondly, am bit lazy! Moreover, when the store is so overwhelming, why to trouble ourselves, right! Anyhow, a friend of mine kept teasing that I am not tasting actual food by buying store bought yogurts and am only consuming some gelatin and stuff! Now, she really brought that fire back in me!! Once again, as per her advise I bought a particular brand of butter milk for the culture and bought some good quality whole milk. Whoo-aah, let me try again:) As per her direction, I went ahead and boiled the milk to certain temperature and cooled the same n added enough culture n everything. Only to discover, yet another failure feather on my cap:( The so called curdled milk was so horrible this time…gooey, stringy and what not…but nothing like yogurts:(

Oh man, am sick n tired of curdling the milk! I have wasted so much of time and money on this. Meanwhile, I kept wondering…how I could do the same process without any hiccups at my home (Chennai, India). Yeah, to my surprise…I prepared this yogurts, when I visited my folks last year. It was all set…just like that. Can you imagine that! Then, what am I exactly doing wrong here??? I understand that, weather plays a crucial role…I tried to set the curd in slightly warm oven, but no result!! If you guys have any tips or pointers to improve my yogurts preparation (at U.S.A)…please feel free to share with me. I greatly appreciate your inputs on this.


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  1. sangee vijay says:

    i too prefer homemade yoghurt…but during this winter its difficult to make homemade all time…usually i add 1 green chilli to the hot milk along with yoghurt, it helps to set easily…

  2. Malar Gandhi says:

    Oh really, thank you Sangee…I might try this real soon:)

  3. Jay says:

    homemade yoghurd has its own unique flavor n taste..yes, addition of green chilly helps to set good..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  4. Mahi says:

    மலர், இது உங்களுக்கு உதவுமான்னு பாருங்க!:)

    வின்டர்ல எதுக்கு இப்புடி விஷப்பரிசோதனைல எல்லாம் இறங்கணும்??! பொறுங்க,சம்மர் வந்திரட்டும்! :)

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  6. indosungod says:

    In my opinion the starter yogurt is key. Mine came from my neighbor. I think Whole Foods carries yogurt starters. For what is worth here is how I make it. Boil the milk till scalding or till there are distinct bubbles on top. Cool the milk a bit to just above warm (this is the tricky part, too hot the milk will separate and too cold the yogurt won’t set). Mix in the culture. Mix it thoroughly like they would filter coffee back home and place it a warm place. I leave it in the oven with the light turned on overnight. Usually good yogurt is ready.

  7. Malar Gandhi says:

    Mahi, this is infact a good tip, let me try curdling the milk in the spring or summer:)

  8. Malar Gandhi says:

    Dear Indosungod,

    Exactly, you read my mind…that was a big question I always had’ what kind of initiating culture people add in their yogurts!? I will keep this in mind…will browse for yogurts starter at the whole food section. Thank you so much for your valuable tips, appreciate it:):)

  9. Plateful says:

    Lovely! Now this’s such a basic preparation that now of us take the time or efforts to do on our own–sucha shame na? And I confess, I’ve never made it.

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