How To Grate Fresh Coconut!

How To Grate Fresh Coconut!

Now a days, Wiki How teaches you everything! And its so irresistible to refrain from trying few things, immediately. :) Right now, I am hooked up with ‘Kitchen Essentials’ kind of stuff! So, here you go…my take on How To’s. Stick around, more such postings are coming up…

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  • Select a good quality coconut. Shake them and listen to the sound of water inside.
  • Remove those protruding husks and make a tiny drill on the eye, if you feel like draining the water right away!
  • One can use corkscrew to crack the nut. In a conventional way, I dip the nuts in cold water briefly and cover them up in a clean towel and give a quick blow (bang on a hard stone).
  • Use a sharp pairing knife to cut the white matter into wedges. If possible scrape away the brown layer too.
  • Put them up in a food processor or grate them manually. Decant the water if any.
  • Store them in an airtight container and place them in freezer for later use.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. MahiArun says:

    Feeling nostalgic Malar! I narrated the same in an eloberated way long back. Haha! :D

    Nice post, I don’t grate the coconut, but cut them into small pieces and freeze them.

  2. Chitz says:

    Lovely post.. Well written :)

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