Kitchen Pharmacy – Spicy Remedies

Kitchen Pharmacy – Spicy Remedies

Centuries ago, the mere taste for spice kindled international trade, sparked voyages of discovery and triggered the wars on want!  Yep, for thousands of years, spices have been valued so much…used as flavoring agents, medicines, aphrodisiacs, perfumes, dyes and even as weapons.

While spices could be characterized by their distinct aroma and pungent flavors; they are just dry fruits, seeds, flower buds, pods, roots, barks or twigs of plants! Well, they are loaded in minerals, thus a humble speck of it, could stimulate appetite and add interest to the otherwise basic foods.

There are many folk remedies that claim, spices could be used for treating various ailments! NC - Cooking2However, such claims do not necessarily support any scientific studies, but several of those popular traditional uses do seem to be rooted in every culture. In fact, everyone I bump into have one or two remedies to share. So, for today’s article…I did some research on spices that heal! I just concentrated on some of the spices, which could possibly have some scientific truth to it; as many studies are going on right now…thinking that folk’s claim could be actually true to some extend.

Spices and Herbs To Heal

Kitchen Pharmacy

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  1. Really very very useful and very healthy information… Thanks for sharing Malar…

  2. M.P.Gandhi says:

    Very nice and fantastic job. Very useful for our health point. I expect some more article like this.. Gandhi

    • Malar Gandhi says:

      Thank you, Daddy. Yeah, thought that this article would be useful to someone out there! While to me, its something to keep myself occupied. :)

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