Clay-Pot Fish Curry – Very Earthy

Clay-Pot Fish Curry – Very Earthy

I have this strange pica syndrome – an intense craving for earthy flavors! When I say…I love earthy flavors, I mean in context, of course! A real dirt that I see on the beetroot is still quite offensive! However, I beg to differ…when it comes to freshly pulled peanuts off the ground! It has something to it, that makes my senses go crazy. Actually it is Geosmin, a protein produced by a kind of bacteria from the soil. Anyhow…it just guides me to those primal pleasures.

So, all along…I have been wishing for that aroma to be a part of my everyday cooking. Thus, my wish got fulfilled, when I got this gift from India. Its pretty valuable because…it has traveled over seven mountains and seven seas (10,000 miles ) for me. I promise, I will cherish it forever. :) Here is my take on fish curry with our traditional mann-chatti (clay-pot)

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