Semolina Pudding / Sooji Kheer / Rawa Payasam

Semolina Pudding / Sooji Kheer / Rawa Payasam

Semolina Kheer:

Ramzan Payasam. Ramzan Kanji. Sweet Porridge-Ramzan special. Thari Kanji.

Sometimes, its very easy for me to be a terrible cook…no, its not a joke. I make blunders, okay some huge blunders, simply irrevocable mistakes while fixing even good old simple recipes. The each time, I tried to whip this sooji kheer, I was managing to bring some kind of gooey halwa. But nothing seemed to bother me, despite the result…was trying n trying in vain with various proportions. Whom am I kidding, stirred and stirred until the plain rawa begged me to let it go!!! Oh boy, finally on the other day, AK said…I need to give it one more shot, by frying the semolina in ghee before heading out to prepare anything. Hmmm, makes a perfect sense, why haven’t I thought about it! Anyhow,..I also drastically reduced the semolina content this time. Ooops, I can’t believe myself…I finally arrived at perfect kheer. Oh my, this is the one’ I was aiming for, the whole time:) It was so delicious and am happy to share the recipe with you all, trust me…its easy:)


Semolina 4 teas spoons
Whole milk 4 mugs
Cardamom 3 crushed
Saffron few strands
Sugar to taste
Almonds, thinly sliced
Ghee 2 teaspoons.


Fry the semolina in ghee and set aside.

Heat milk along with sugar and reduce them into half of its original volume. Add cardamom and saffron too.

Fry the almonds and set aside as well.

Now cook semolina, with 1/4 cup of warm water for few minutes and add the same to the thickened milk, top them with nuts…bring this to boil and remove from heat.

Serve either warm or chilled.


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  1. Abhilash says:

    Thats again an easy to try recipe by you.

    I will replace sugar with jaggery and try.

  2. Rumana Rawat says:

    This is very tasty recipe:)

  3. Roshu says:

    this we usually make during ramadan…but ur recipe is something different and the first day of ramadan ill surely try this and let u knw….

  4. Very delicious and perfect.. yumyy

  5. Satrupa says:

    hey … you brought back so many childhood memories with this dish. My grandmother used to make this often for breakfast for me :)

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,

  6. Satya says:

    kheer looks soooo bewitching ,lovely clicks too


  7. Looks creamy and indulging…..

  8. AshKuku says:

    Persuasively tempting…. Wanted to feel the granules in my mouth with the yum kheer… :)


  9. Akila says:

    simply superb… love it dear…….

  10. Creamy and yummy…collect ur award from my blog

  11. I love sooji ki kheer, my all time favorite in a time crunch :)

  12. Rekha shoban says:

    looks creamyyyy and yummy malar…

  13. Sanjeeta kk says:

    Comforting and any time fav. kheer.

  14. Sayantani says:

    I never get the consistency right…either its dry and burfi like or runny. will try your measurement as this is my fav kheer recipe from childhood. maa makes it perfect. tempting clicks as always.

  15. VS says:

    Hey Malar
    Looong time!
    How have you been?
    Payasam looks yum!

  16. The kheer has come out really well, looks very festive and rich!!!

  17. Tasty recipe..creamy and rich,lovely

  18. Spice says:

    yummy & tasty…’s been a while I hopped to your blog, how r u doing….looks like I missed on many wonderful posts….will try to catch up slowly….

  19. ruchikacooks says:

    Hee hee..I remember the kitchen mishap I wrote about rava kesari and paagu :)

    Looks rich!

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