Roasted Pistachios – A Snack To Live On

Roasted Pistachios – A Snack To Live On

Carolina Cooking 445Most of the snacks from the market  are only ‘ready to eat processed junks’! Generally low in nutrition and high in calories. Sometimes also with too much of addictive like…salt, sugar preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. All pretty unhealthy stuff to rely on. Well, if you got plenty of time like me…you can fix some healthy snacks well ahead of time. And, refuel yourself with this kind of delicious and good food.

Ingredients and Method

  • 5 cups Pistachios
  • Salt to taste

Prepare a brine solution with salt plus quarter cup of water. Bring this to boil and add the hulled nuts to it. Continue cooking until all the moisture is evaporated. Then, take these nuts down and spread them on a clean oven-safe sheet. Meanwhile, preheat the oven over 250°F. Roast the nuts for at least an hour or little bit more. Remove from heat and cool them down. Its ready to munch on. :) Alternatively, you could also store them in an air-tight container for later use.


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