A Day Old Rice & Fish Curry

A Day Old Rice & Fish Curry

2013-02-04A day old food! Don’t trash them so quick! Its better for the second time around. Folks list a bunch of surprising health benefits of a day old rice…especially soaked in water overnight (not the refrigerated ones, okay)! Same goes for the fieriest fish curries…its much gentler the next day. What’s more? It may have more nutrients, as the protein tenderizes overnight!

All these above tidbits are only for skeptics, who avoid leftover food! Majority of us, won’t need those convincing facts about health & nourishment…we already are geared up for its taste & aroma. Wanna bet with the comfort it renders??

I intentionally cook an extra cup of rice, the day I make fish curry! I also make sure that the curry lasts a little more for the next day, just for myself. Usually only fish heads and tails remain. Which is more than good for the hearty feast, though. This real leftover evokes freedom to me, burden of preparing tedious meal is taken off my shoulders. A happy meal without raising a finger. :)

Note: This food picture was in my draft for more than seven years! When, one of my foodie friend raved about a day old fish curry…I got energized to air this post. Thank you, Mr. Laxman. :)

Here is my humble food,  A Day Old Rice & Fish Curry.



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