Kannadiga Oota – The Karnataka Meals

Kannadiga Oota – The Karnataka Meals

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Oota in Kannada means a major meal of the day. The cuisine of Karnataka has a very long history of its own. Most of the famous South Indian dishes like Masala Dosa, Udupi Sambar, Mangalore Rasam, Mysore Pak traces its origin to Karnataka. A typical Kannadiga Oota (Karnataka meals) may include Chitra Annam, Palya, Gojju, Kosambari, Kaara Bath, Dessert…etc. Today, I am presenting my take on the traditional recipes. :)

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Note¬†For much more authentic touch…use sesame oil, jaggery, fresh coconut and lot of sour tasting fruits in the meals. The combination of salt-sweet-sour-hot is the punch in this particular cuisine.



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