Omlette Appam – Idle Cooking!

Omlette Appam – Idle Cooking!

Mutta Appam:

Hmmm, certainly not so proud of my creation, today. But, it must be a good tasting one though (if prepared with care)!!…as this recipe was shared by one of my online friend ‘Preetha’. Thanks for sharing this recipe with me, dear…I appreciate it:) Well, when she gave me the recipe, it sounded unique…as I never tried topping appam with anything so far! And breaking the eggs part was pretty fun’ …yeah I am good at it:) I keep tossing lots of eggs in my cooking episodes. So, here you go, the Mutta Appam it is…rather not so appealing picture, but it never stopped me from hogging:)


Appam Batter
Omlette mixture

(As I told ya…just being idle…n love these short cuts)


Heat the shallow griddle, yes…nonstick is a good choice. Spray oil, but do wipe off. As this is not a good idea to spray oil for preparing appam it seems. I dunno the reason, but my Mom never does …must have some good reason?!

Anyhooo, spread the batter, wait till it is semi-done, pour the omlette mixture. Cover them up for few minutes, sprinkle some black pepper powder and remove from heat.

There you go, you got a nice dinner ready…enjoy with your favorite curry.

Note: I will try to recreate it with good quality batter next time, and hopefully update with a good picture too:)


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  1. Mahi says:

    /Will try to recreate it with good quality batter next time,/?!!! what that means Malar?! ;)

    have heard of this..but never tried it. Shall try next time, while making appam.tkz for the idea!

    • Malar Gandhi says:

      Dear Mahi,

      First of all, thanks for your lovely comment + promptness, very sweet of you:)

      @ Will try to recreate it with good quality batter next time,/?!!! what that means Malar?! ;)

      it means: I prepared this recipe several months ago, during cold winter and the batter was not sour enough and it didn’t taste like appam at all, you could very well see that in the first picture. So, I was not pleased with my work this time, I want to give it another shot, with care:)

      You have great day, dear…see you around:)

    • Malar Gandhi says:

      Hmmm, looks like I have made some punctuation mistakes…I corrected the last sentence, now. Thanks, Mahi.

    • Mahi says:

      Chill out Malar! I was just kidding! :) ))))

  2. Priya says:

    Yum yum, droolworthy appam.

  3. suhaina aji says:

    omlette looks tempting…

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